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My New Blog

Hi again, I haven’t been posting for a long time, and I am sorry… but, I DO have a new class blog now, this blog will be more free, kind of like a video blog and I will try to add songs and information about what’s happening and other stuff like that. Thanks and the link is: http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/student. I am new without any posts or anything so help me out please. thanks and comment and view. THANKS!

Sharks Or Shark Waters

Rob Stewart has made a video on sharks and finning. I never noticed the finning industry to be so important so I never cared. But even though, I have always liked sharks since I was little. It’s just that I never knew what was going on in the outside world. Rob is a really nice guy that filmed for 5 years to make this movie. Our school is also actually the first people to ever watch this movie in Hong Kong. Rob almost got himself killed while fighting for the sharks and also almost got himself in jail. I really liked the movie and was really influenced by the movie and it made me really sad. You should take action and also watch the movie. I am very sure Rob would be extremely happy because of your help. This is the banner, click on it to watch the trailer, for the cause so enjoy and bye!

Eagle 04


End Of School Year

My school’s 2009-2010 year is coming to an end. There are only 14 days, 12 hours, and 30 more minutes and I’m really looking forward to summer. I hope there are going to be lots and lots of parties. I can’t make a fake promise but I’ll still try to keep up on what’s happening on to this blog over the summer. I am looking forward to summer because I am going to my 1st B.B. gun party. My birthday is also in the summer so I’m looking forward to that too. We’re going to get our yearbooks so I’m going to get all of my friends to sign it. Have an awesome summer.Oh yeah, the 30 minutes thing is actually 29.17 minutes starting from….. NOW. gotta publish and bye!!

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My Classes New Unit

My class just started a new unit on the human body. We are learning about the organs and functions of different body systems such as the digestive system(retrieves nutrients from the food) and the Immune systems way of fighting off germs. it should be fun! Thanks!

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A New Game I Like

This is a game that is my very very favourite. I like this game because it is not boring. But it is only on facebook or twitter. I only play games on facebook and they are fun. It is called NinjA WarZ with a “Z” at the end not a “S”. You 1st start with 1 ninja and you can train him/her. Then, you can by more ninjas and train them and there are belt lvls like in real kungfu. White, then yellow, then orange, then green, then blue, no red, then brown, then finally, BLACK!!! Right now I have 6 black belts and a lot of orange belts. Try it and its really really fun. My other favourite game is urban terror. Try it too!!

Info On My Blog/Challenge 10 part a

This post is about the student blogging challenge as well as info on my blog and I’m really excited and am hoping to win an award. There were a few questions for the challenge and here they are.

1: Q.How many posts did you write? How many posts did you write?
A.I have 56 posts including this one and 27 of them are school based. I also just write things like a post on how to make chocolate insects and the imaginators review.

2: Q.How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
A. I have 73 comments

3: Q.Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
A. My post on commenting that I made in the beginning of my blog has the most comments. It had eight comments and I think that it got this many comments because of me replying and asking questions. It lets others come back so it’s kind of like having a conversation.

4: Q.Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
A.My first post because that time I didn’t actually know what to do and was really excited. I played around and it gave me the first impression of how fun a blog can be. That is also why I liked it the most and is still blogging.

5: Q.Did you change blog themes at all and why?
A.I did change my theme once to increase the amount of feelings on my blog.

6: Q.How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
A.I think that i have the few important ones and also a few games so that kids will come back to visit my blog. Well…… that’s what I hope happens. 🙂

So… that’s the end and i hope that you liked it!!!

GradE 5 CamP

This week has been really exciting because the whole grade 5 at my school went to Cheung Chau island in hongkong for camp. We had rock-climbing, sandpan(riding a little boat), pirate cave, tie dying our shirts/socks/undies etc.
The learner profile attribute that I showed was communicator. I showed that in the final and most challenging activity called the great race because we had to compromise and figure out the best way to finish the race. The great race is basically a competition where different groups got check points and had to go to those checkpoints and find answers to questions. It actually makes you go all around the island of Cheung Chau. you would have to plan a route, go to the checkpoints following the route, and answer the questions for that checkpoint. I also showed leadership skills and open minded. I showed these by leading the group but at the same time, not make my teammates go to fast or get mad with them. This not just said by me and the way I can prove it is that out of 25 groups, we got 2nd and got these really cool quick dry camping towels.
Overall, I really liked this camp but I ended up with 2 bruises, not enough sleep, and about 23 mosquito bites. I also got a scrape but on the good side, I got my tie dye shirt and it looks really awesome!!! There was lots of excitement and I think that all camps are cool and awesome! BYE ALL VIEWERS AND TRY TO GO CAMPING TOOO

Challenge #9

I did a infograph on the growth of facebook over the last 6 years. It said the average PERSON(not facebook user) spends 55 minutes a day for commenting and all the other things like chatting, games, joining groups, and adding friends. I think graph is not that good because the amount of detail is not enough there should be more categories like the different ages for facebook because if it was my grandma would go on about 10 minutes a week if she even has it. Or, consider my cousin, she’s six and she doesn’t even have facebook! The infograph should be more relevant. BYE! and visit again.


today in class we did an activity that had to do with bullying. We had to pick a question and answer it in a paragraph. I picked a question which was:

Q:What is bullying? Who is involved in bullying? (the bully etc.)

A:Bullying is a person or a group of people discriminating or harming another person or another group of people.The people involved are the:

-bully/bullies (the person/people that are harming the other people).

-victim/victims (the person that’s being bullied and is on the receiving end).

-viewer/viewers (the people that know it happened and have seen .

Bye and thanks for reading! I hope you learned a bit!

Famine 30

I went to the Famine 30 which was Saturday 2:00pm -Sunday 8:00pm. I slept there too and we could only drink things like water, juice, and soyabean milk. We could NOT eat things for the whole 30 hours. It actually was quite easy but at the last 20 minutes they gave us corn and i could smell the corn and it was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO tempting. 😛 Even though, I still had to wait for it to turn to 8 0’clock. The hosts invited famous canto-pop artists and Ms.Hong Kong’s and stuff like that. I also made a lot of friends. It was really fun and there were work shops that you could do. The purpose of this event is to let you feel how it’s like on a refugee camp with no food and to tell you how lucky you are to be able to eat when you want to. It’s also kinda like fasting. BYE and it made a impact.

Challenge #6

I am doing this for the student blogging challenge and I hthink you should still go to these blogs and check them out because they are really good blogs.

http://cdniseagle12.edublogs.org/ Lots of good informative posts.

http://cdniseagle16.edublogs.org/ Lots of fun widgets.

http://cdniseagle26.edublogs.org/ Really good theme.

http://cdniseagle08.edublogs.org/ 8 is a lucky number.

http://cdniseagle01.edublogs.org/ It’s really organized.

The Multiple Intelligences Quiz

I just did a test that my whole class did too. We saw what were our strenghts and weaknesses.My predictions were:





I wanted to get better at interpersonal and here’s what I got.





and my worst one was………….

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Challenge # 5

I don’t think I should have a creative commons account because I don’t want people to use my work and take the credit for it. I am really serious about this not only for the challenge but also for you viewers. I really don’t want you to use my work unless I tell you can so I am NOT going to get a C.C.(Creative Commons) license.Thank you and bye!


BLiiX is a guy that changes original songs and make metal versions of them. he is really good and changes pop to metal/hardrock. I think its really creative and you can just go on youtube and search bliix mix and its ok. you will have lots of good videos to watch. I really say you watch the video of Paparazzi originally from Lady GaGa

Jackie Chan’s Birthday

Today which is the 7th of april, is one of my country’s most well known actor and Kung-Fu star, Jackie Chan’s birthday! He is one of the most well known fighters around the world and was in a really good movie that i just knew called the “Drunken Fist”. It’s about him having a hard life and he kills a famous assasin. It’s a really good movie even though it is in cantonese. Bye!

Coming Easter Holiday

On the Easter Holidays, I’m not really going anywhere so I’ll probably be just playing with my cousins at there house. I am going to go to do more kumon again. Kumon is a kind of math, chinese, or english learning excercise.  You need to do a deck a day. But how many pages are in a deck depends on how high your level is. If it’s at a level like year 11 level, you only do 2 pages a day of that subject which are again, english, math, and chinese. I am at a year 8 level even I’m in year 5 so I do 3 pages a day. I also do chinese and for that, I also do 3 pages a day in a deck. In our school, we also had a food competition(which has nothing to do with Easter holidays but I just want to talk about it anyways) which was called “Books to Eat”. It was really cool because people could make cakes and other pieces of food that represent a book. I gave my voting tickets to someone else because all of the food looked really good and delicious. I also didn’t want to hurt my friends and classmates feelings because  a lot of them also joined them. Bye and visit my blog again soon!

The Imaginators (Review)

Just now, a couple of minutes ago, my class and the whole grade 5 and grade 6  watched a half skit half play called the imaginators. It’s a really awesome show and I really enjoyed it. I think that  it was actually the best show in the whole time since our school has built our art centre. It was about 3 kids that time travel everywhere and it all gets really cool and the effects are awesome. To all the people that were involved with the show, good job and keep it up!

New Unit

Hi! My class just started a new unit and I thought that you guys would like to find out about it. Our new unit’s Trandiscplinary Theme is Where We Are In Place And Time.

Our central idea is, “People and places have histories that can be uncovered and interpreted through a variety of sources”

Our lines of inquiry are,

-sources people use to inquire into the past

-Ways to interpret sources to further our understanding

-The advantages of various forms of information

Our Teacher Questions are,

What is truth?

How do we know what has happened int he past?

How do we know if history is accurate?

By all of that information, you can probably tell that our new unit is about history and how people find out about things that happened in history. 3 of the most interesting activities that happened are: the Class Graffiti, Ancient Crytography and the Artifact Webquest. If you want to learn some too go to this artifact site

This is a photo about our unit.bmx-history-002Bye and thanks!


媽 媽 煎 的 牛 扒 非 常 油,非 常 香,非 常 嫩, 一 聞 到 就 讓 人 流 口 水。 煎 五、 六 成就正 好 了。 那 樣 煎 的 方 法 就 不 太 乾,有 點 血, 吃 的 味 道 非 常 好。


This is a post on Chinese about school things so you may not understand.

1 , 頭髮




2 ,手槍




3 ,牛扒



必許用 刀和叉吃,


This is the english version if you guys would like it.

1, the hair

Too many, too long,

Only God can count the amount,

It is the thing that divides men and women.

2, Rifles

Powerful, heavy,

The soldier’s life is it’s hands,

It can shoot quickly, It can also kill.

3, Steak

Steak on a plate,

chewy, delicious, and,

you need to use a knife and a fork to eat,

Photo of the Day

Hey again viewers! I didn’t do a photo of the day in a long time because I had to work on my unit of inquiry summative assesment. This is a picture of a capybara, the largest rodent in the world.capy vs crocobye!

Sharing the Planet

“Sharing The Planet” is my class’ last unit. We learned that a lot of children are still living in pain and poverty. The 5 most important subjects that I learned in this unit both at doing research at home to class projects, are these that I am writing about.

1:A lot of children even though we give a lot of donations, are still liveing in deep poverty and pain.148048

2: Want to skip school? They want to but can’t and you’re thinking of skipping school because you need to do work at school. Rather work 16 hours in a carpet factory getting your hands all blistered and half a bowl of food each day…… or go to school. You pick.

3: A lot of children don’t have their child rights because their parents are poor and owe debts to either their landlords or their masters.

4:Iqbal was a child hero which showed the world what was happening to many children. He made a big impact to the world

5:Child slaves only learn a few rupees which is about 50 European cents.

I hope that this post helps you  understand the world is still not really fair and that you will help them and change some lives. To learn more go to unicef and donate more money. BYE!

Challenge #1

Even though i’m doing this to the blogging challenge:


, I still think that this post is still a post that is true from me. I think that you should visit my blog because my blog has fun and cool widgets to play and has interesting facts about everything. I have a lot of creative ideas and I do a lot of different things about different subjects. I also have pictures, movies, advice, and if you look at my blog you won’t die forever.

The Most Exciting Part in my Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi! I’m back at school for the first day since The New Year Holidays. I haven’t wrote for a while because I went to Korea over the Chinese New Year Holidays! The best and most exciting part was when I went down a slope called Rainbow Paradise. It is a black diamond slope and is the longest slope and the is highest point in the ski resort. It is 1440 meters high and is 6 km long. I went down it 7 times and if you were on the beginner slopes, It would be raining but up there it’s snowing. It’s really cool and just around 45 degrees for most of the slope.It’s quite easy I think because just just my 2nd time to go skiing but I could still go. Bye!

Funny Guys On Youtube

These are a few funny guys I know that are quite popular. If you know a guy that is funny that is not listed below, please let me know in the comments.

-Niga Higa
-The Annoying Orange
-Shane Dawson
-Chinese Guy
-Potter Puppet Pals
-Funny Stuff
-Retarded Policeman

thanks and have a great time watching the vids. BYE!!!!

Where is the Love

Our class is about to do a video about a song called “Where is the Love”. My class did a majority vote and this song got picked. It was one of the songs because it relates to our Unit of Inquiry which is about children rights. It is by the Black Eyed Peas. To be honest, I don’t like this song but a lot of people in my class like it. It is kind of a mix of Pop/R ‘n’ B/Rap.An example would be like there is a line in the lyrics that says ” Father, Father, Father send some guidance from above ,” It relates because it shows that children need help from god to guide them.

Here’s the video itself:

2010 Photo of The Day

Hi everyone, this is my first photo of the day so far this year and I hope that you like it. This picture is about the new Iron Man video coming out in 2010 April.  I think that this movie is going to be really good because the animations were really good in Iron Man 1. I like the shadowy effect when he leans over the camera. It gives a good powerful kind of feeling. If you’re wondering why this man looks familiar, It’s because that he is the guy in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Bye and see you next time!!!! The Sherlock Holmes movie is pretty good too.Iron Man

The iPad

Hi again viewers! Apple just launched a new object that is the cross of a “iTouch” and a “MacBook Pro”. It is 9.7 inch long, 0.5 inches thin, and only 1.5 pounds heavy object called the iPad.Imagine if you could watch movies, play games, listen to music, go online, read and download books,flick through photos and much more with a  touch of your finger. If you have, then you have just imagined a iPad.

Photo coming soon….

It has lots of really cool and has lots of  things it can do. Like its so called cousin, the iPhone, more applications will be added over time and, eventually, its price will drop, making it even more desirable and encouraging to buy. It has a LED back lit display screen with a multi touch ability. One of there best new inventions/applications is called the iBook. It is practically a library where you can keep all your books except that you can bring it anywhere you want to and just download books right off the web. All of that, just by using it’s touch screen ability to flip pages and select books. You can also just flip your iPad over to show someone something and it will automatically change to fit the other person’s view. If you really like photos, this is also the gadget for you. Your albums will be stacked in piles and you can use two fingers to briefly see what pictures there are by not opening your fingers all the way and check on things. If you do want to open a album, you can just again using two fingers slide the album open and it will fit to your screen immediately. You can view pictures by just sliding your finger in one direction and it will go to the next or previous photo. The iPad makes you feel that it is a device that can only not cook your 3 meals or make you coffee.It costs US$499 which is really quite cheap for such a item. It5 is not in the stores yet but hopefully will be soon. If you want to find out more, visit this site and I hope it helps you even more at : http://www.apple.com/ipad/ . Bye and I hope I helped you know a little about this really cool, awesome, pro, compact useful,16gb, blahblahblahblah device!

Book Review

In my class right now, we’re reading a book that is a fictional recount of Iqbal, a child hero that helped a lot of children escape from brick factories, carpet factories, mines and fields. I think this book is a really interesting book and I think you should see it. there are a lot of twists and turns which makes the story all really exciting and sudden. I highly recommend this book to you. It is looks like this:



Francesco D’adamo

so….. I hope i helped you find a great new book to read so bye for now!

Top 10 deaths of 2009

This post i entirely in my perspective so you do not have to agree with me.

10.I do not know anyone else so….. teehee

9.Yan Kuai Li – Chinese Actor

8.A Sang – Taiwanese singer

7.Li Yu – A chinese Actress

6.Chen Lin – Chinese Main land pop singer

5.Brittany Murphy – American actress and singer

4.Stephen Gately – Singer of the band, BOYZONE

3.David Carradine – Popular American Character Actor

2.Michael Jackson – King of POP

1.Mr.Dick – my principal

Bye. I hope that  you liked it.

The Fattest Person on Earth 2010

Well he goes by the name of Manuel Uribe Garza and he is right now residing in Mexico. He weighs about 1215 pounds and last known wanted to go to Italy for an operation. Nobody knows if he ever went through with the decision or not. So far nothing more has been found out about this person so there is very little that anyone can say. Here is a little picture I think you viewers of my blog would enjoy seeing:Fattest man

Yes, that him. The world’s heaviest and fattest man. As I was looking at what happened to him, this is what I found. I hope you like the story.

The world’s fattest man, Manuel Uribe got married to his girlfriend who has been with him for the past two and a half years, Claudia Solis. The occasion took place on Sunday night in a blowout ceremonial occasion in Monterrey, Mexico. Not that their party was comfortable to carry off. Uribe, who at one time weighed more than 1,200 pounds. before dropping off 530 pounds. on the Zone diet since 2006, is bed rid and can’t walk. To carry Uribe, forty-three, to the wedding, acquaintances positioned him onto a bed decorated with satin bed sheets and coronals of peach and yellow-bellied roses, then lifted him onto a flat bed truck to be transported across Monterrey to the posh Club de Leones. 500 invitees were on hand to observe the wedding ceremony. It is a really crazy thing right? I hope that you liked my story, later days!

My Portfolio

Please copy the following headings into your blog post to help you organize your thoughts and complete this assignment.
This year our school decided to stop giving out report cards! Sounds crazy right? Well, actually it is a very interesting change in how we assess our own learning, how our teachers assess our learning and how the feedback from these assessments is delivered and shared with our parents and each other. The biggest change has come in the form of a personal student portfolio. At the beginning of this year, every student in Lower School was given a nice, big, red binder. Throughout the year we have been using it to organize and compile work we’ve done that exhibits our growth, our development, our struggles, and our achievements. It’s actually like a living and constantly growing ‘report card’. Inside you’ll find math work, writing examples, art, Chinese studies work, etc. We even include work from P.E. class, Music class and French class. Ms. Cahusac often comments on our work, writes feedback to help us improve and encourages us to stay organized and on track by showing the best ways to file our work and take care of our portfolios.
The best part of my portfolio is …..
The thing I really don’t like about my portfolio is ……
In November, during our learning updates  and portfolio reviews with our parents and Ms. Cahusac, we established some personal learning goals to work on. My goals were….. I think planning and working on personal goals is ………… I’ve been mostly successful/unsuccessful in attaining my goals. This is because ……. This month I’m going to ……. Soon I’ll have to start thinking about new goals! Things I want to improve on include ……….
Overall, I’m ……….

This year our school decided to stop giving out report cards! Sounds weird right? Well, actually it is a very bad change in my opinion in how we assess my class’ own learning, how my teachers assess our learning and how the comments and notes from these assessments is delivered and shared with our parents and each other 🙁 .  The biggest change has come in the form of a personal student portfolio. At the beginning of this year, every student in Lower School was given a nice, big, red binder with a sticker of the school. Throughout the year we have been using it to organize and put our work that we’ve done about our growth, our development, our struggles, what’s happening, our work,and our achievements. It’s actually like a funny and always growing ‘Report Card’. Inside my portfolio you’ll my find math work, writing work, art, Chinese work, Phys – Ed, music work, & French stuff.  Ms. Cahusac usually talks about on our work, writes stuff to help us improve and helps us to stay organized and on track by showing the best & worst ways to file our work with those transparent plastic thingimabobs and take care of our portfolios.

The best part of my portfolio is my U.O.I.(Unit of inquiry) work. I like it because I enjoy U.O.I. and I like what you do. You don’t just sit and write. There’s a lot of group projects where you can learn about other people and it is really fun. I can learn about what is happening around the world and also things that is like science and I really enjoy knowing and learning those things. I even watch those things on my Television.

The thing I really don’t like about my portfolio is that it is really hard to do all the reflection sheets about what we think that we did that term so far. Another thing that I do not like is that there might be some things we might not like, our parents can see it.

In November, during our learning updates  and portfolio reviews with our parents and Ms. Cahusac, we established some personal learning goals to work on. My goals were not to fiddle around with my stuff and not to distract others with my fiddling.I think planning and working on personal goals is really useful but some times it’s really hard to reach those goals. I’ve am still working on in attaining my goals. This is because I am not really that good at them yet but I have improved in my perspective. This month I’m going to try to complete my goals. Soon I’ll have to start thinking about new goals! Things I want to improve on include trying to making it to the swim team SEASAC(South East Asia School [Iforgot] Competition).

Overall, I’m quite happy about my work so far but I would still prefer just a report card at the end of the term.

Christmas Time @ Cdnis

It’s our christmas time right now at our school and we are going to have parties, assemblies, food, & even secret santa! I like secret santa because it’s kind of like a game. It’s really tricky and it tests your secret keeping skills. I think we might have skits and movies at our assemblies and parties.

Our grade just had our Christmas Winter Concert and I’m really glad that it’s over.We practiced the concert for 1 and a half months. We played a changed version of Boom-Dia-Da which is a song from discovery channel. We also sang 2 songs called It’sOur world and Turn It Off.

We made some decorations, they were snowflakes made of recycled paper, mini stuffed toys, & candy canes. There’s also a Christmas Tree in the lobby and we can donate things to other people in need so they can also get presents at Christmas too!! I really like the tree because it’s real and it makes the lobby smell really nice. I also think that the idea of donating things to charity is really nice. I’ll see you next time!!

Bye everyone !!!!!

Persuasive Writing

Hi again friends. At school we are doing persuasive speeches & I need to do a speech in some other person’s shoes. My role is the directer of the L.E.D.(environmental protection department) so I need to do a speech about that guy’s perspective and what he thinks not what I think. So far, I’ve learned that we need to speak in a firm voice, not to speak too fast, and also to get people’s attention.  You also need to look at your audience and have many reasons


I think that wordle is really cool because choose a lot of  fonts and colors. I think it is a good thing and fun to play with because you don’t need to have to read the entire blog but just look at the main words. I made a wordle of my blog. Hope you will like it!Picture 1

A Bake (Candy) Sale

Well hi again fellow people!  Well, today is Monday, but on Tuesday,(last week) my friend and I did a bake sale to help some people in the Philippines.  I got back 999 dollars.  I don’t know how much my friend got but we together earned (made a profit of) $949.  I chose to give the money to World Vision because World Vision is a very large organization and has many sponsors.  I know that it is very reliable.  I bought my candy in a place in Sheung Wan called Gateway.  I need to give my brother some credit because he did tell me what was popular in my school so I knew what to sell. I only had one partner(Andrew) to help me do this sale.  It took us about 5 days to plan this sale and do it. We had to ask our teacher and we also made posters.  I got the idea from some classmates that had a bake sale for people in Fiji. They did it so that the people of Fiji could go to their national wild park because it’s free but the bus fares cost money. They had quite a successful sale too. We did it on our school’s 6th floor bridge on the 17th of November. My friend and I worked really well together. I thought that the sale was really fun and cool. If I could and had time, I’d make a sale again.Bye! Try to make a bake sale. It’s tiring but fun bye for now

A New Unit

Hi everyone! My class has just ended our unit on matter. We’re starting a new unit about where our garbage goes and how can we use the better way of getting rid of garbage.  Our new theme is How We Organise Ourselves like last one was how the world works if you don’t get the difference between the title and the theme. so pretty much it so bye!!!

Photo of The Day

Picture 1In our class, photo of the day means write a description, good eye-catching title or,write what’s happening in the photo. In this photo, I thought it was a giant piece of bread at first, but when I researched it was something extremely different! but you’re still supposed to write what you first see and anyway, normally we don’t get to know the discription. Sometimes, it’s actually quite fun.  If you want,write what you guess what this large thing is in a comment and I’ll tell you if you’re correct or not! Try it out!!!! ByEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

My mid term break

Monday I woke up and did something boring called Kumon and then I went to a simulator plane in Mega Box then I went on a real plane to Korea.  There are a lot of fashion things and skin food and good medicine ginseng and all these things and my family and I bought some, There were samples and I carefully looked at them. There’s also this expensive thing that makes all your bad things in your liver go away such as coffee and coke and Olvaltine, They have lots of bad things. The sugar and milk in coffee and all that stuff like olvaltine and horlex are bad to your liver. And you can’t feel pain until there’s something serious.  So, they have these pellets that makes you poo the bad stuff come out. And the guy there said that if you drink a lot of coke your poo is going to be black and come out quickly. I quietly watched G.I. Joe on the plane back. That’s all.

RED:Adjective                                                                                                                             Purple:Verbs                                                                                                                                 Blue:Nouns                                                                                                                                   Green:Adverb

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A Nice Recipe

Hi I thought of something cool to make but first I must tell you this. There is a tricky part which took me a long time to make also. So, don’t give up and try again ok? Oh yeah!I thought of this recipe myself so don’t say I ripped it off some weird book or off the web or whatever.

Halloween Bugs

First the ingredients:

-Marshmallows( large ones are better)

– The stick Pretzels(like pretz or pocky but with no chocolate or whatever coating)

-Chocolate sauce (look at instructions at the bottom of the page)

-Some jam(cherry or rasberry or any kind that is red is the best)


-1 container

-1 working plate

-clean hands



1. Get 4 pretzels out of the bag and also 4 marshmallows

2.Use 1 pretzel to skewer the marshmallows.(this is the part I was talking about, The pretz break easily).  It would be easier for the next steps if you skewered the bottom of the marshmallows.

3.Snap the last 3 pretz in half and skewer them into the mass you made in step   1 and2. Stick it in an angle so that the  halves are facing down like this/\.

4.Make chocolate sauce (instructions at the bottom) and pour over the half done bugs and don’t wait for to cool or the sauce won’t cover the bug but be lumpy and not glossy. Ask an adult for your help with this because the sauce and pan are still very hot.

5.toothpick and take out a drop of jam and drop it for the eyes. Freeze and enjoy!!!

Chocolate Sauce


-100g(1/2 cup) dark semi sweet chocolate chips

-2 tablespoons of water

-1 tablespoon or 15grams of butter

-2 tablespoons of golden syrup


-A saucepan

-something to mix the sauce


Put everything in the sauce pan and melt at low heat. Stir till you get a smooth, glossy sauce!(you can add nuts or marshmallows to the sauce if you want).

Tip: you can also eat this on ice cream or bananas.


Today at school we celebrated halloween because our midterm break crossed over the real halloween. Most kids dressed up in class but in our halloween assembly, my class didn’t win anything for good costumes.  I was a skateboarder in jeans and a blue shirt. It’s fun skateboarding around the school. My friends said I would get in trouble but an important person called Ms.Stitt said it’s part of my costume so I could do whatever I wanted to do with it including playing with.

Our teacher said that our costumes were way better than the costumes from the kids she had taught  last year.  I wanted to be Michael Jackson because I had practiced the moonwalk and some of his other dance moves.  But because of the little time we had to prepare, I didn’t have time to find one of those costumes. I couldn’t even find the wig. I guess I have to wait till next year to dress up as him.  But now he’s dead.  About 3 weeks ago, I was dying to see my principals cstume because every year he has a fantastic costume that he wears. Sadly, He died just a while before and his costume arrived 4 days after he died.

In  our halloween assembly, we had  class competition for who had the most scariest costume and for that , A girl won for dressing up as a girl in a murder story.  For most characteristic costume like harry potter or Mr.bean, We sent out a boy in my class. But a boy in 5D (I’m in 5E) dressed up as Mr.Monopoly won and we never won. I really want to go trick or treating but my placem isn’t really into it. It may seem really impossible but my sisters birthday is on the real exact halloween. Really! October 31 and I can give some of candies as a present because I can’t think of anything. OK! Bye!!!

Come back for moooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Trip(not) to the Hong Kong Science Museum

I didn’t go because I had an eye infection so in the middle of class before we went on the fieldtrip, I went back home . I just studied for my big chinese assessment and caught up with my overdone kumon which is a type of everyday work where you learn things. I can’t find anyone with a good enough explanation about the museum to write about it. Sorry but I have to go now!    Bye!

How the World Works

Hi. At school, we started a new unit on how the world works and I’m gonna talk about it.We ‘re learning about matter, its states and its properties.We’re also learning about how they change states, the space between molecules and the movement of molecules. So far, I’ve learned about the amount of energy and pressure that makes certain types of matter changes state such as ,lava being cooled or froze and turned into rock.  Dry ice with added energy will turn into gas is another example.  We also learned the words about matter changing. They are melt, freeze, condensation, vaporization ,sublimation, & deposition. For now thats all !


Climate Change

In the last 3 years, the temperature has risen about 3 quarters of a degrees celsius. The largest cause are greenhouse gaseslike carbon dioxide. They trap  the warm air and cause a heating up that area called the greenhouse effect. In a greenouse,the suns rays come through the glass but the glass keeps the air inside, It’s like earth, the rays come through, but has nowhere to go so the heat is stuck inside like the inside of a greenhouse. The problem with global warming that some of you guys already know is that coral reefs die and fish need to go elsewhere to find food. Global Warming also melts the ice in the north and south poles. There is actually a lot of ice which means their is a lot of water. If the ice melts, then the all the coastlines are going to be flooded.To learn more, Go to http://www.blogactionday.org/ to help and slow down global warming.

How I Express Myself with Digital Technology

Hi again! I didn’t put any thing for a long time because I didn’t have any ideas. At school, our last Unit of Inquiry just ended and our teacher told us to write a post about what we’ve learned. I learned that if you’re online like on facebook you shouldn’t give away personal information and that when you’re using digital technology, you can use lots of different things to express yourself like photos, slideshows, & music etc. I also learned alot more about mac applications such as how to use them, their purpose, & some tricks or things that look nice. I learned most of that in a project called Technology Jigsaw. It’s kind of like a game where you teach each other things about an application that you’re especially good at. I also learned alot about Keynote in My A Little Bit About Me presentation. I learned alot on this blog too. So bye for now!


I changed my avatar cause I don’t smoke. But for the competition, I need to put my avatar on my page but I can’t. My classmates can but not I can’t for a reason. They say there’s this button which should come up once you cropped the image and uploaded it. But the button isn’t there when I do it. Pls teach if you know.


I’d  like people to comment on me and give me advice but I wouldn’t like them saying mean things:( I would also like it if people only say words that are appropreate for a 10 year kid like me. My teachers and principle might read this and I would get in trouble if there was any $@#%^$&## words on my blog.

Activity 2

  • I joined because I thought that this would be fun and cool
  • no I wouldn’t because in commenting, you can’t talk about yourself & can only talk about other peoples blogs and thoughts
  • I hope they would include some things that have to do about school
  • I hope I would’ve learned a lot about safety online and expressing yourself

My Story

rescue dog Piere(This Post is split up into 2 parts).

Part 1 : Three  posts ago, I said that I’d write this story but there was a fire drill and when we got back into our classroom, it was  time for our recess period so I couldn’t write this post. Now I’m at home and it’s almost 9:00 and I’m writing this post. By the way, it took me 3 days including today (18/09/09) to complete this post.

Part 2:

Pete(dead) Has Learned a Lesson

In Hong Kong, in the rescue force had a sniffer dog called Piere. His owner was called Bob. There were also three friends called James, Pete, & Rohan. They were the best friends you could ever find. They always forgave each other & always were hanging out with each other.

One day, they went to Big Wave Beach to do some surfing.James had some money and so he bought his friends some refreshments.Pete got a lemon flavored popsicle, Rohan got a triple chocolate fudge ice cream cone, & as for James himself, he got two sticks of fish balls and two sticks of xiao mais(they are really tasty pork meat cylinders which are covered with a really tasty thin layer of pastry.Xiao Mais are usually dipped in soya sauce or magi sauce.) They rented a couple of surf boards $30 each and went out onto the ocean to surf. They paddled really far out and surfed from 9:00 to 7:00.but….At 7:00 it was already really dark and they were practically the last and only ones on the beach. They decided to do 1 more round then go to the showers.But on that last round they decided to do was a terrible mistake, a wave came over Pete and the two friends James & Rohan couldn’t find see him!They ran up to the stalls, and called the police to come and set a search and rescue mission to find Pete. Since the road to Big Wave Beach was a mountain road, It takes at least 15 minutes to get there if you’re on the main hong kong island. So…. 20 minutes later, the police reached the beach. Bob And Piere set out on a jet ski to find Pete. Piere the famous rescue dog set out to find Pete but…….

It was too late, Piere came back only with a surfboard and no Piere and he was never heard of again. The message I’m giving is that you should be safe at beaches because it’s really possible to get lost out at sea. There have been cases about this in real life so you should always be in a spot where others can help. At night i’ts even worse because every on will be somewhere changing or eating. So be safe!!!!!

Look out for my next post!  Bye!!!

I’m Trying to Make a New Category

I wanted to get a new title for my categories so

I went to categories and I applied my title for my

uncategorized category but when I

submitted the title, I thought it would be ok but when I

visited my site, it didn’t work. Can someone tell me how to

change the category title in a comment please? I’d be really

happy if you could tell me.

BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!

The Time Typhoon Koppu Canceled School


What a day, It was raining so hard and the sky was deep grey, (good thing was that we didn’t have to

go to school). My dad left after lunch which was at 11:00 a.m. It was kinda boring at home after I finished my

kumon 🙁 . I asked my mom if I could play computer just for once but of course as usual, it was a no. I read a lot and

I checked my first class for school homework at 7:30 and stopped at 11:00. I thought about working on this

blog. But I forgot my password! Oops. Now it’s 2 days after the typhoon, I’m at school and I can work on this

now cause I remembered my password now. Now I have to work on another post about a story.




  • I really like playing computer games
  • My favorite type of food is fresh fruit smoothie
  • I think I,m going to get eye glasses or contacts(probably not contacts) soon
  • I go to CDNIS, the best school in the whole entire world……seriously, it’s the best school(not counting Colleges)
  • I know how to play drums and the piano
  • I got 6 cousins right now
  • I got like 2 boxes of lego, each box like ….um……as big as 4 golden retrievers lying side by side,3 boxes of it as big as 2 those A4Paper boxes put together, & 6 boxes of lego which are really those A4Paper boxes(I like Lego)
  • My favorite number is 8(you can probably tell by now)

What I’ve Learned So Far About Blogging

We’ve Learned We Should Be….

You have to be safe, never give out personal information such as where you live, what

your name is or your contact details such as your E-mail or your

phone number. The second thing I’m telling you ,is that we learned

how to delete comments, post comments(but we aren’t allowed to yet) it’s been great so far.


Hey, Welcome to My Blog


I’m 10 & I’m eagle number four.This is my first blog & I’m really excited . Stay tuned for more!!!

By the way, I think you should start a blog too & you know what??

Blogs have been really fun but please (if you do) do not put in things which are silly or useless.

Please give me advice for things.